Manage Health and Safety and Food Hygiene with Specialist Software

A lack of in-house food safety tools and health and safety management procedures is wholly avoidable and should never be the case in your establishment. The advance of technology has enabled business owners, managers and supervisors to take a proactive approach to monitoring, risk assessments and initiating controls with software that’s built to meet industry needs. Vitally, software should be live to always comply with legislation.

As you’ll find if you carry out quick search, many of the health and safety, food hygiene and HACCP food safety management systems training courses are available in an electronic format so that staff needn’t travel to a training centre. It’s a natural step, therefore, to adopt technology in the everyday management of your staff, processes and obligations.

It’s secure, efficient and cost effective to save records to a hard drive rather than keeping a paper log in a drawer. Tailored software delivers a one-stop management station for all aspects of health and safety. Food safety management systems must be based on UK and EU legislation meeting HACCP – Hazards Analysis Critical Control Points.

By using health and safety software you’ll be able to identify training gaps, out of date knowledgebases and any patterns that need to be addressed. Isn’t it better to learn about issues yourself rather than relying on the official local authority/HSE and Food Standards Agency auditors to alert you?

Effective food safety tools deliver swift operations and peace of mind.

Let’s use the FACT online food safety management system from Food Alert in London as an example. The software was built by experts utilising data and experience from over 25 years in the environmental health sector.

FACT food hygiene and health and safety software is:

  • Unique to Food Alert.
  • Easy to use and innovative.
  • Ideal for any size of food related business.
  • Accessible 24/7 on various platforms.
  • Tailored to management and chefs and is customisable.
  • It’s a live food safety management system.
  • Cost effective.
  • Efficient, reduces time spent on tasks – automates manual tasks.
  • Diminishes paperwork.
  • Increases transparency.
  • Delivers food safety tools and data specific to your operations.
  • Features pre-generated action plans to address issues.
  • Answers compliance needs – policy and training data.
  • Easy access to current information – managed and stored electronically.


  • Alleged food poisoning cases.
  • Training requirements – food hygiene, HACCP, HSE.
  • Supplier documentation.
  • EHO activity.
  • Personalised safety manuals.
  • Risk assessments and forms.

FACT online management training

Training sessions take just 2 hours and are aimed at members of staff who manage business compliance.


Training management: Book courses, store records.

Monitor and manage audits: View recent scores, analyse audits, record EHO visits and access safety manuals.

Supplier and certificate management: Manage supplier information and maintenance certification.

Accident Management: Use the HSE approved health and safety software.

Alleged Food Poisoning and Allergens Management: Store allergen information, log alleged food poisoning cases.

Checklist and Cleaning Schedules: Complete forms online.

Reduce paperwork: Access information on a device, manage multi-site companies online.

Why not investigate today and optimise your operations?

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