Top 7 Best Mobile Applications of The Last Decade

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What apps should you install on your new smartphone? Bebemur has selected a starter pack of applications that are sure to be helpful in smartphones in various situations of life.


Those who place a high value on being well organized can rejoice in the free Evernote app. It lets you create, edit, and retrieve notes for offline use and make voice memos. You can also import captured images into the app and then process them with Skitch.


This app can be called a king of language exchange apps. Users fill out a profile, and the app suggests similar profiles of people you might enjoy chatting with. The chat feature is very advanced: you can send photos, emoticons, and your new language partners. Once you gain each other’s trust, you can even send free voice messages and phone calls! The free version of HelloTalk will be enough for most students, but then you can only learn one language.


That’s a pretty popular dating app with a good filter system: you specify all your interests, and according to certain parameters, you choose a person near you. The platform suggests a match that might be interested. It allows you to quickly weed out all the “trash” and immediately focus on the one you like. The primary drawback is limited features. If you use free, you see only mutual sympathy. This significantly narrows your options and choice of partners.


The Lifesum app has a huge database of healthy food recipes and a variety of meal plans. The app lets you know the caloric content of foods using the barcode scanner on the package. Lifesum recognizes almost all foods. The program indicates the right serving size for each meal so that you don’t overeat. Apart from controlling your diet, you’ll be able to record and track the amount of water you drink during the day. The app also has helpful information and tips on starting eating right and sticking to a healthy lifestyle.


SmartPosture tracks your position in real-time using a gyroscope. The app detects how you’re holding your smartphone and reminds you to raise it higher and straighten it up. The notification comes in the form of a vibration or screen blur. You can calibrate the periods and accuracy of the check in the settings. 


The application will help you plan the best route to travel around the city, considering all types of transport, their schedules, and even failures. The app welcomes you with a screen asking, “Where are we going?” You can enter a new location, or you can choose a pre-prepared from the list of “Places.” The advantage of Citymapper is that the service receives transportation information online directly from transportation companies.


Emovi features 20 emoji representing the mood you’d like to get from a movie. You may choose a combination of several emojis and get a selection of films that might interest you. In the settings, you can also pick up which movies you prefer: old, new, rare, popular, or cult movies. The program can even calculate as a percentage how funny or inspiring the movie is.


Thanks to this app, you will forget about anxiety, insomnia, and sleeping pills. The creative task, which contains interactive relaxation, pleasant sound background, and narrative, will set you for a calm and deep natural sleep. From the moment you wake up and throughout the day, Loóna supports your emotional state. Each night you have access to a recommended episode. As you go through it, you leave anxious thoughts behind and get in the perfect mood for a healthy night’s sleep.