Business Ideas for 2020

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Nowadays, in the era of high technology, many users are thinking about starting their own business. In this article, we have picked up relevant business ideas for 2020 (we won’t mention something obvious like creating a European women dating site). But not everyone has the opportunity to invest in a huge amount immediately. We want to start, to recruit a good team, to manage correctly, including financial investments.

Here you may have a question – “What new business opportunities for 2020 are there?” Actually, it is not necessary to take a loan or borrow from friends under the risk of getting into debt. And even with start-up capital, it is important to invest properly in order not to lose acquired funds.

  • How to start a business in 2020         

First, you need to understand how far you are ready to go in order to achieve your dream. We recommend analyzing yourself from the beginning. This needs to be laid in the head and even better written on paper for clarity. That is, you should decide what risks you can take: stress, loss of a stable income due to dismissal, family life, friendship, and personal ties. Since at the initial stage it will take time, effort and nerves.

After this, you need to find an office, recruit staff, establish channels for the supply and marketing of products. But first, you need to analyze the best business to start in the selected locality which not sufficiently developed, and in which there is high competition.

Choose the appropriate niche, according to your own interests, so that subsequently the desire to move forward does not disappear. Because you have to learn a lot in order to delve into all the nuances of office work and exercise complete control over the staff.

Any undertaking requires investments, but in the absence of financial resources for implementation, nothing terrible will happen. It will only require more time but you will avoid loans with high interest and mandatory urgent repayments. And this fact is already important for the deployment of commercial activities, as there will be no restrictions associated with such obligations.

  • Business ideas for 2020. The next ideas will work both if you are a creative person, a persistent worker or an innovative entrepreneur. The success is hard to achieve if you do not own any of these properties. Actually,cool business ideas are the ones you feel passionate about and think that you are ready to take over.

Hall Decorator

The decorator should have a sense of style and taste in order to optimally combine colors and offer several design options. You can finish special courses or just find suitable types of decor in magazines, groups on the net. The most profitable events are weddings, anniversaries, children’s parties.

Don’t focus on white, as this is commonplace. It is better to use other colors or combinations. Experiment with fabulous, retro or modern styles. In general, it shows imagination. Practically you can transform any of your talents into ideas to start a business.


A new area of ​​services gives rise to new business ideas. Dating service is no exception. It is advisable to think in advance how the meeting will occur. Perhaps it will be a classic (flowers, music, candles) or, on the contrary, extreme (parachute jump). Creativity can be added by filming ad videos, recordings and creating a site.

An important point is to correctly indicate the cost of service. For example, if live music sounds, then you will need to pay for the services of a singer. Be sure to include photos of works in the portfolio indicating places, phone numbers, and discounts.

Recruiting Agency

For a recruiting agency, you will need to rent an office (choose an inexpensive option). Purchase a laptop, printer, computer, telephones, several sets of tables and chairs, a cabinet for documents and stationery. Although the rented premises may already contain some of the necessary.

The execution of contracts upon the conclusion of transactions depends on how the activity is conducted (with employers or with applicants). There are free ready-made templates and versions of programs for storing files with documentation on the Internet. The main character traits: attentiveness, perseverance, sociability, perseverance.


One of the creative small business ideas is vending commerce (trading using automatic machines). Some investments will be needed because you have to buy a device, products for placement (toys, sweets, peanuts, coffee, etc.), conclude an installation agreement, issue an IP.

Decide on the location of the device. Then fill in the items and take the money, leaving some for a change.

YouTube Commercials

Using the YouTube video channel, you can earn money by creating videos. This is one of the innovative business ideas that require knowledge of media trends. You need to organize a mailbox on GMAIL, register on YouTube, establish a personal channel in your account, come up with a catchy name (taking into account the chosen direction) and in a few months you will start earning money.

  • What is the risk to lose everything? 

It’s no secret to anyone: to open your own business, you have to go through a lot. This is not only about the realization of one’s own desire, planning and investing money. First of all, an entrepreneur, whether he is a beginner or an inveterate businessman, must remember the risks that await him on the way to profit. It is clear that when you open your own business, risks can not be avoided. But some cope with these doubts, while others only get stuck in them more. What are the business risks and how to avoid them?

The main risk for every entrepreneur is the doubt that the business will not make a profit. And the outcome depends on how a person is psychologically tuned to the success of his business. Excessive pessimism has not yet saved anyone, but with extreme optimism, you will not go far. It must be remembered that any business, no matter how simple it may seem to require thorough calculations.

Entrepreneur ideas should include:

  • a clear idea and plan for its implementation;
  • level of competition and personal capabilities in order to be able to cope with competitors.

Moreover, the reaction of society and the market to the appearance of a newcomer is always added to these points. Of course, new business opportunities and approaches to them are individual. But in any case, an entrepreneur must have an objective idea of ​​reality in order to be able to cope with crises.

  • Business tips for 2020. The startup ideas themselves are not enough, you need to have some understanding of how to start and what to avoid. It is great when you have a counselor or a person to rely on in business issues. Most often you will need to learn on your own mistakes. Here are some statements you should consider:

It all starts with a business idea

To create any business you will need a promising business idea. Where to get small business ideas? You can brainstorm, write down all the interesting ideas and choose the most suitable one. In addition, think about what you are good at doing and whether you can make money on it.

Create a business plan

After you have decided on business ideas, you need to draw up a plan. A business plan is a detailed description of the process of implementing a business idea with all the necessary calculations. Using a business plan, you will calculate the payback period of a business, find outperformance indicators, etc. In addition, the business plan will be your guide in the process of starting your own business. This blueprint is also useful for finding investors or obtaining a bank loan.

Register a business

If you have successfully completed the previous steps on the path to business, you must register an enterprise. First of all, you need to choose the legal form of entrepreneurship. We advise you to read which of them are present in your country according to the laws. The form of ownership affects the management order, relations, and responsibility of the founders, the authorized capital, taxation, etc.

Where to get money for start and business development

As practice shows, any business requires investments – small or large. In addition, in the process of business development, a shortage of available funds may appear. In such cases, you can get a bank loan.

Development and effective business management

Having created a business, you need to properly manage and develop it. The modern world is changing very quickly, so you need to keep up with it. Be sure to analyze competitors, compare your products or services with other offers on the market. Grow and improve your business. Only then can you count on a good profit.

  • Over the past few years, human civilization has faced many challenges. One of the main directions is total digitalization. Digitalization doesn’t only apply to the economy but is also present in the everyday life of an ordinary person. All kinds of electronic gadgets at home and at work, security cameras in offices, shops and on the roads, the Internet of things and online stores, electronic services and queues. This is the best time to start a business, so, do not miss it.