Driving Efficiency with Tekmetric’s Auto Repair Software

How to Take Your Auto Repair Shop to the Next Level

It goes without saying that having a skilled and experienced team of mechanics is essential to earning a reputation as a trusted, quality auto repair shop. However, even the most skilled mechanics can underwhelm their customers without the proper systems and processes in place to ensure that each job is handled timely and customers receive the information they need. This is where effective auto repair software can make all the difference in the ultimate customer experience.

Managing workflow for an auto repair shop can be time-consuming and draining. Fortunately, there is effective auto repair software that will allow you to centralize all of the information for each customer, including the estimate, parts orders, time estimates, invoicing and staffing. This is even more crucial to have under control if you are managing multiple auto repair shops. Instead of taking on the human resource cost of doing this yourself, it is much more efficient to incorporate auto repair software into your shops’ operations.

Innovative Auto Repair Software from Tekmetric

Tekmetric has established itself as a leader in the field of auto repair workflow management thanks to its superior software system. It can be accessed anywhere because it is Internet-based. This means that you can stay on top of your busiest scheduling times while you are away from the office. You also never have to worry about backing up your data or storing servers because everything within the Tekmetric auto repair platform is safe on the Cloud.

What so many auto repair shop owners and managers love about Tekmetric’s system is that it provides a comprehensive platform for tracking all of the operations that take place within your shop. You can access information on any individual customer in a centralized location and have immediate answers to questions about the status of a repair job or how much the customer can expect to pay. This is especially helpful when it comes to communicating with insurance companies and their adjusters to provide accurate and consistent estimates for repair jobs.

Take the Guesswork Out of Managing Customer Relationships

It can be all too tempting to get lost in the daily work of your auto repair shop without thinking about the customer relationship management aspect of running a business. You can easily and instantly communicate with customers using the messaging function on Tekmetric’s software, which allows you to send a text message or email with the customer’s invoice or estimate. You can also set follow-up reminders to check in with customers following a repair job or to market any promotions for your shop’s services.

Another great feature of the Tekmetric system is that you can customize customer profiles with all of their basic information. This is a good way to send out timely reminders about upcoming oil changes or tire replacements. Scheduling customer appointments is easier than ever before with the calendar function that seamlessly integrates with your master schedule. You can even send out automatic service appointment reminder for each customer to eliminate having to make a phone call for every appointment.

Prioritize Data Security

In this digital age, even auto repair shops need to be aware of customer data protection. In addition to safeguarding customers’ personal information, auto repair shops also need to protect their proprietary customer information so that all of their accounts are secure from the competition.

Tekmetric eliminates all of these data security concerns with its cutting-edge data encryption capabilities. This means that no customer data is shared without your express permission in advance.

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