Car Insurance: Time to Renew Your Policy

The car insurance policies make up a large chunk of all the general insurance plans sold in India. Every car owner needs a plan and as a result, there are many good options on offer. The Indian car insurance industry has steadily grown and there are some excellent car insurance providers who have the best plans to cover all your needs. If you are approaching the end of your existing motor insurance policy and need to renew your cover, choose the online method to complete the process. There are many advantages of doing this. Take a look at this article to know more.

Car insurance expired? Here’s what to do

It is highly recommended for you to not let your car insurance policy expire. You should keep an eye on the expiry date and get it renewed well within time. However, lapses do occur and many of us end up with expired car plans. If your policy has recently expired, don’t worry too much. You can still get it renewed and enjoy your comprehensive car insurance cover. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Inform the insurance provider: Inform your insurance provider that the policy has already expired. It is not impossible to renew an expired possible, though the process can get a little time-consuming. You may also pay a late fee and other fines, but your cover will surely be extended.
  • Don’t take your vehicle out: While it is a legal requirement to have a valid car insurance plan, it is also a sensible thing to drive your vehicle only with an insurance cover in place. So do not take your car out when the car insurance plan lies in an expired state. If by any bad stroke of luck your car gets involved in an accident, you won’t get any assistance from the insurer and will have to bear the costs yourself. So keep the car garaged and get the policy renewed as soon as possible.
  • Try to rectify the problem at the earliest: If your policy expired less than a week ago, the chances are that it will be renewed without too many problems. However, if you left it in an expired state for more than a few weeks, you may have some more difficult issues to deal with. So stay alert and rectify the problem at the earliest moment possible.
  • Pay the premium together: Once you manage to get the expired car insurance policy renewed, pay the entire premium together, rather than opting for semi-annual or quarterly premiums. This will prevent further lapses and help you stay covered for the entire duration of the policy.

Top plans from top car insurance companies

There are some excellent general insurance companies in India that have some of the most attractive car insurance policies on offer. So whether you need to buy a brand new plan, renew an existing plan or even renew an expired cover, you will find many choices. Be wise and choose your plan carefully. Keep your requirements in mind. Also explore the riders as they provide as added cover to your vehicle. And finally, do not forget to run a comparison of the available plans. This will help you identify the most suitable car insurance policy at the most suitable rate.


So as you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, an expired policy can be renewed. However, it is highly undesirable for you to end up with an expired policy in the first place. So stay alert and renew your car insurance policy on time always. But still if due to some unavoidable reasons your cover does get expired, follow the steps mentioned above and securely get a fresh car insurance policy issued in your name. You can then stay on the right side of the law and continue to drive your beloved vehicle without any worries whatsoever.

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