5 Places to Outsource Content Writing

Ever found yourself in need of great content, but you just do not know who to turn to for great content? Well, there are sites that provide you with a great platform through which you can interact with writers and hire them to write content for whichever writing projects you have. Choosing where to get writers can be a daunting task because you want a writer who will provide you with quality and original work at a fair price, and will deliver within the expected time frame. There are, however, various sites where you can get quality writers. Benchmark

i Writer

i Writer is an online platform which allows you to access many writers at once and if you post a project, it will become accessible to many writers who can all write for you then you pick whichever you like best. The good thing about i Writer is that writers are graded according to the quality of their writing with a 5-star writer having the best quality. The higher the quality you want the more it will cost you. You do not select who will write for you, but you can select the quality you want.

Up work

This is a job listing site where you can list what you want to be written and writers will bid for the job. It is up to you to select the writer of your choice then give then the job. You can as well look at writer profiles and contact one who stands out as a good writer. With a mixture of writers with different levels of experience, you can decide on which level to go for and you can view the ratings of the writers to get a clue about how good they are. Upwork has great writers who can deliver quality content and the price will vary according to how you agree with the individual writer.

Text Broker

This site is similar to iWriter in that is a content market site and once you give your requirements, the work is available to a large pool of writers. You are able to dictate the quality of writer you want, however, any writer who meets your requirements can proceed and write. You can get quality content on the site from highly rated writers and with word-based payments, the higher the quality you desire, the higher the price per word.

Content mart

Content mart is another site where you can get quality articles and it is a great platform for you to outsource content writing. This site is relatively low-cost compared to other content outsourcing sites. You can find an amazing quality of writers on this website.


Working the same way as Up work, you can post projects on Guru and writers will bid to write. You get to choose the writer, you want based on which writer impresses you most and you may have to request for samples to make the selection process easier. You can get quality content on Guru and pay the amount that you and the individual writer agree on.


In conclusion, to get quality content, outsource it to a good writer and these sites serve as great platforms through which you can meet great writers for top quality work. According to the recent reviews, Content mart turns out to be one of the best for this purpose so you can totally try it.

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