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For every household and business, it is important to have electrical supply. Electricity grants us the convenience in doing chores such as cooking, cleaning, and washing. However, along with it come life-threatening situations that come without warning. When electrical hazards happen, it is important to contact that emergency electrician Manly residents strongly suggest.

If you have built a secure electrical system or have developed awareness of protecting oneself from dangerous situations, you can consider yourself lucky. But that doesn’t eliminate you from experiencing the risks of electrical emergencies. If you haven’t got any clue on what to do, don’t touch anything until a skilled emergency electrician Manly arrives.

Below are 6 fundamental steps to follow to avoid exposure or vulnerability to these dangers like electrical fires, shocks, or downed power lines:

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Be prepared for anything

Preparedness in times of crisis can lessen the possibility of becoming the victim. Before a disastrous event occurs, you must gather tools and supplies and have them on standby for emergency situations. This kit should include flashlights that can illuminate dark areas during blackouts, rubber gloves that act as insulators, a fire blanket that can save you from fire, and a battery operated phone that can be used to contact the local authorities.

Be cautious when to turning off the source

The first step in preventing further damage to your property is cutting off the power source. You must immediately go to the breaker and flip the switch in cases of electrical fires and shocks. This reduces your risk of being exposed to detrimental factors that can happen to you and your family. This step can also let you do other fire prevention steps before it becomes uncontrollable.

Be sure to use fire safety techniques

In the absence of a fire extinguisher, you must be quick in finding other alternatives without putting yourself at risk. After switching off the power, you can use the fire blanket on your kit to eliminate the fire. If you see a high voltage wire, distance yourself 20 feet away from that area to avoid being electrocuted. Under no circumstance should anyone touch an electrocuted person without wearing your protective gear.

Be fast when smothering the fire

Fire extinguishers don’t exist just to be displayed. Each family member should be aware of their different classifications and where they can be used. To have a demonstration on how it should be used in case of fire, you can contact your emergency electrician Manly.

Be mindful to protect yourself at all costs

Note that smoke is your biggest enemy during a fire and that wind makes the fire grow bigger. Your first priority should be to safeguard yourself from electrical hazards. If you place yourself in danger, chances are, you cannot help save other people. To avoid suffocation, you should exit the area by crawling. If you were able to manage the fire and electrical shock, the next step is to safely when removing victims from the site.

Be alert to call your local electrician

If you have undergone training on basic life support, you should administer rescue breathing and chest compressions to unconscious people. If you are untrained, never give chest compressions as this can add injury to the victim. If controlling the fire becomes an issue in saving others and you were able to come out successfully, alert your local authorities and trained professionals straightaway.
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