UFX Review: A Forex Trading Platform

UFX.com is a slick trading platform making use of state of the art technology, such as Mass Insights™. If you’re an FX trader then you’re going to love UFX.com. There are three main things to consider when it comes to assessing the quality of a trading platform. These are: the level of support offered, the ease with which users interact with the interface, and the price you have to pay. We’ll look at these three criteria in succession, beginning with the level of customer support, to decide whether UFX is or is not worth your time.

Customer Support

When deciding which trading platform to use, customer support is one of the main things to think about. You want a website offering online chat functions and support lines in the event of confusion, and you want a company whose employees are experts at what they do, who’ll offer you daily tips and advice whenever you want it. Fortunately, UFX.com ticks all these boxes. Its customer support is second to none, and it prides itself on its intimate relationship with its customers. FX Report Awards named its loyalty program the best offered in 2016, which goes to show just how much it wants to make a connection with the individual customer, and just how much it wants to help out those customers who are loyal to it.

You might be thinking, ‘Yeah, but the website would say something like that, wouldn’t it? It’s not going to mention those times customers were put on hold or those times their questions were met with ignorance.’ Trust me, though, the customer support is just as good as the website claims it is. And the website even offers a daily analysis of the market, which is just as helpful as the people on the other end of the support line. The review comes in the form of a video, underneath which there’s a brief written report of the various currencies, complete with graphs showing their progress over recent times. It would take customers a good while to assemble this information themselves. UFX does it for you.

User Interface

The UFX team, based in Cyprus (among other places), believes in xenia, hospitality, which is why it puts the customer first in every situation. Steve Jobs once responded a heckler questioning his knowledge of code by telling him that you can know all the code you want and you can have all the technical expertise in the world but unless you start with the customer and the needs of the customer then you aren’t going to make a product that the customer wants; you aren’t going to make a product that sells more than a billion units; you aren’t going to go down in history as the most successful businessman of the century. Unless you make a link with the customer, you aren’t going to make a success of it. UFX seems to have taken Steve Job’s advice to heart, because they put the customer first. They know that most trading platforms scare off customers with technical jargon and difficult-to-use website interfaces, so they’ve made sure to simplify their product as much as possible, to make the connection, you might say, between expertise and the average customer’s knowledge.

Final Thoughts

This UFX review should show you that UFS is an excellent trading platform endorsed by the likes of Andres Iniesta and rugby superstar Mike Tindall. It puts the customer first, has a good interface, and offers a variety of pricing options for difficult levels of traders. I heartily recommend it.

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  1. Great Article, I have been trading with UFX for a few months now and i find they are very helpful especially there trading, they make sure that you understand the platform and give you all the knowledge you need, it can be a bit much but slowly and surely you will get there.

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