Three Catastrophic Bus Accidents That Occurred Over the Last Five Years

Accidents have lasting scars of loss and injury to individuals who were involved in the catastrophe as well as their friends and family. Some accidents leave a horrific tale to a nation. According to the Federal Carrier Safety Administration, 3,978 buses and trucks were reported to be involved in fatal accidents in 2014. You can click here for further statistics. If you have been injured in an accident related to a commercial bus, you can visit this website to receive legal advice regarding your circumstances.  In the recent past, there are three accidents that shook the United States with gruesome detail and serve as a reminder of the need to stay safe on the roads. 

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The Charter Bus Crash in Los Angeles

Early Tuesday morning of August of 2016, Merced County witnessed a terrifying road crash on Highway 99 which killed at least five people with scores injured. The northbound charter bus, struck the Hammatt Avenue exit pole at 3.35 in the morning, near Livingston town. The pole ripped through the middle of the bus, owing to its forward trajectory, with 30 people on board. The Pasco, Washington bound bus was piloted by Mario David Vasquez, a 57-year-old who sustained serious injuries. From Mexico, a stopover at Los Angeles would be the bus’s tragic end. Reports from the Federal Motor Carrier Administration on safety, show that the bus in question had seven violations recorded in the last two years.

On April 28, 2016, an inspection in California showed that the bus had several maintenance problems including a defective brake warning system. Inspections that followed on February the 5th of 2015, the Autobuses Coordinados Usa owned bus was mentioned owing to the fact that, the driver operated using suspended commercial driver’s license. The same inspection resulted in a citation for a damaged windshield and the third on an “inoperable required lamp” charge. Autobuses Coordinados UsA too had received several citations on account of violations. 

The Baltimore Bus Crash

The second tragedy would happen in Baltimore where it witnessed one of its most horrific accidents in recent years. The November 2016 accident involved a school bus, a transit bus, and a Mustang. The school bus drove into a Mustang, hit a traffic pillar and uncontrollably went onto oncoming traffic and tore through a transit bus. The early morning accident claimed six lives including that of the school bus driver, the transit driver, and four others. No children were on the bus and investigations at the time had not conclusively determined what may have caused the crash. Ten victims survived the accident and were rushed to various hospitals to be treated for minor and major injuries. Five of the ten were rushed to Maryland’s University, Shock and Trauma Center, two were admitted in Saint Agnes Healthcare and one in Sinai Hospital. Reports on the other two survivors were not available at the time.

Eyewitness accounts give a shocking tale right at the heart of the city in Fredrick Avenue, block 3800. Preliminary investigations showed a lack of skid marks and speed was a possibility that the investigators were pursuing.

Prison Bus Crush in Texas

West Texas, woke up to perturbing news and the third tragic accident. Ten people lost their lives when a state prison bus skidded off an icy overpass, slid down and collided with a train. The bus was carrying twelve inmates and three officers all headed to El Paso.

Out of the fatalities, eight were inmates, and the other two were the corrections officers. Survivors were rushed to hospitals in the county and admitted with both minor and major injuries. The January 14, 2015, incident was attributed an early morning ice on the Interstate 20 road. Initial investigations reveal that there was a prior wreck and what was not clear is whether or not it had any influence on the bus’s fatal end.
These are among the few accidents that shocked the nation. They serve to be a constant reminder that motorists should always be careful and that there is no replacement for life.


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