Reduction in carbon emission to more than 30{3131fc9d44867b51f4f618d3e7dca0d544ada91ba3004c25421e996d7c9a7adc}: A report

As a part of the global initiative to reduce the world pollution level, the leading Nickel and palladium production company, Nornickel has announced the shutdown of its Nickel plant in the city of Norilsk, Russia. The company has decided to contribute the year 2016 to the sustainable development for reducing the world pollution level.

A voluntary shut down of the plant

The nickel plant in Norilsk is a voluntaryshut down keeping in view a sustainable development. The company felt concerned about the drastic consequences of the world carbon level hence, it has taken an initiative to close its Nickel plant and contributeto improve the quality of surroundings. As a part of its voluntary close of the Nickel plant, the company has also signed with SNC-Lavalinon capturingsulfur dioxide. The deal costs about USD 1.7 billion to the company.

No more plans for a new set up

The company has no plans to start another plant after the shutdown of Norilsk  plant. Although, the company also claims that there will be no affect on the production of Nickel and palladium as the production will remain continued in the other plants of this company which is located in kola MMC and NN Harjavalta. The company plans to maximize the production through expansion in these plants which are equipped with the modern facilities and have effective systems for reducing the toxic emission and other types of harmful wastes.

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