Long term crowdfunding vs. tight deadline projects

Crowdfunding is a relatively new phenomenon in India. But it is a matter of common sense that different issues require approaches when it comes to crowdfunding. The approach would be different say in the case of an emergency and in case of a social project. Emergencies require faster sharing and filling up, whereas putting together money for a village school affords a lot of time and opportunities.

It is very important to keep these differences of approach in mind and stick to the rules in order to avoid very easy mistakes.

  • Regardless of the type of campaign you need, remember that the key lies in starting as soon as possible. Accidents and emergency health issues will not give you much time as it is. Form concrete plans from the word go and then stick to them. The larger the margin, the better it is, regardless of the issue.
  • Keep your options open. The best idea is to have a parallel old-world fundraiser going on with your online campaign. Emergency campaigns benefit the best from this. Having simultaneous offline campaigns actually help online campaigns in the long run, especially the long term crowdfunding ones. Be aggressive in your use of traditional media for spreading the word.
  • Emergency crowdfunding campaigns need to meet targets faster than long term ones. With long-term crowdfunding projects, monetary requirements fluctuate with time. But with emergency ones, hitting targets is mandatory within, of course, a very short space of time.
  • Emergency crowdfunding campaigns are in more urgent need of building trust with potential donors as compared to long term ones. And this is all the more challenging for people without social media accounts, usually those who are most in need of emergency funds. The best solution to this problem is taking the help of Crowdfunding India because of their huge reputation. Their 24*7 support team is there to guide you through everything.
  • Those seeking emergency crowdfunding often lack a support system, which long term campaigners usually don’t. It can be any kind of support- managerial, emotional, technical. Raising funds is a sensitive issue in a society like India, where charity is not institutionalised. The solution lies here in choosing a reliable platform like Crowdfunding India, because their support group as well as their fundraising process is extremely user-friendly.
  • One of the most important areas in which emergency campaigns differ from long-term ones is keeping people updated. What is the present status of finances? What is the condition of the patient? The best thing would be to set someone up to manage public relations if the campaigner herself is unavailable to do it. But keeping the donor base informed is the lifeline of emergency fundraisers. So it is best to use platforms with the widest reach, like Crowdfunding India. Popular platforms often take added pressures off the user as they are designed to sustain the crowdfunding campaign just as per requirement.

The emergence of crowdfunding has saved a lot of people from old hassles like money lending and exorbitant interest rates. Crowdfunding is also suited to address questions regarding self-respect posed by traditional fundraisers. In the end of the day, understand that the management of the crowdfunding model depends upon the reliability of the platform, which makes Crowdfunding India the best solution to all these.

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