Every Teen Should Know: Why is Joyriding A Great Danger

Joyriding is an activity that offers great danger to any person. Often the culprits are underage, or for some cases, the convict is driving without insurance or valid license. Taking a vehicle without permission from the owner can cause agony to both the owner and driver.

Both the public and the passengers are in great danger particularly when the driver drives dangerously. Joyriding can cause a car accident which may end a victim’s death. Mostly joyride accidents involve innocent lives.

What are the possible penalties of joyriding?

  • Those defendants involved in joyriding cases are usually sentenced to probation. The court and judge will be ones to decide the longevity of the probation. Anyone who’s under probation needs to follow a curfew, to regularly check in with a probationary officer, and to submit drug test results for the whole probationary period. Usually, probationary period lasts around six months or longer.
  • Community Service. The judges can impose certain hours of community service like volunteering or clean-up drive with local organizations.

  • Restitution. Some courts will order the accused to pay compensation to people who suffered financial losses because of joyriding. Financial losses include medical bills of the person injured or any damages to the car caused by the crime.
  • Time in prison or jail. Joyriding is an offense that is punishable by at least a year in jail. However, serious offenses that involve joyriding are punishable to at least three years in prison.
  • In each state, the fines vary and can range from $50 to thousands of dollars.
  • Suspended driver’s license. For some states, a convicted person can have their driver’s licenses revoked or suspended.


With the degree of joyriding, a lot of states are strengthening their law about the said crime. Even innocent bystanders are the victims of this kind of dangerous activity. It may be fun for some, but it may cause demise to many.

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