Event Pre-Planning

When a large organization like the GWC Valve Company decides to plan an event for a new product launch, their 50th anniversary, an employee party, or a customer loyalty party, it is important to pre-plan this event to a tee. When you are talking about the pre-planning of your event, it is important to know who is your audience at the event? Does you event align with what they respond to? What will make your event different from another company who is your competitor and what will make them want to actually come to your event? In this case, you nee to start by identifying your stakeholders and who the key people in your event are.

In order to be successful at pre-planning, you need to set goals for your event. In order to set some goals, you need to discuss the different between a goal with your team and what tactics you will use to get to your goal. You need to collaborate with your team to achieve these goals and agree on how to measure this success, will it be the amount of people who show up or the amount of donations you receive? Finally you need to keep the goals alive in order to succeed at your event. A list of goals to consider can include:

  • Attendance
  • Publicity
  • Money raised
  • Motivation
  • Collaboration
  • Awareness
  • Other

In the pre-planning stage you need to find and book a venue that sticks with the theme that you have in mind for the event. You need to always consider the budget you are working with and the theme, whether the site has catering, if the site has the materials you need such as a stage, chairs, tables, microphones, projectors, podiums etc, if there will be support staff the day of the event in case of emergencies and if there is a tech support in case something goes wrong.

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