About Deltek cobra training for producing quick detailed reports with accuracy

A product of Deltek, Deltek cobra is easy to use and powerful system by the measurement of the earned value, project costs, actual, budgets and forecasts. This product is considered quite effective and easy that tends to offer multiple solutions with best options that should perfectly meet demands of every business requirement. The comprehensive set tools of the cobra can access great information about the labor costs, final project costs including staffing requirements. The most convenient and innovative way to run and get up with fundamentals of Deltek is possible with its online training services. For future contracts you can learn about and even gain more to the competitive edges.

Deltek cobra software system training

By having training with the specialist one can definitely learn about the difference between normal work and outstanding work. Deltek cobra training instructors conduct both the web based and onsite training class services for your staff with standard and customized training solutions. For the management of the project costs and to improve program efficient surely participate in the training sessions while people can also feel comfortable to watch the demo videos for more proficiency. The initial course starts with orientation of this program that is introduced to system with interface navigation and basic architecture. Being mature, high end and mature multi program cost engine Deltek cobra is also beneficial with managed resources, simple reporting and integrated data with more visibility.

Areas to be focused on during the training sessions

  • Go through the Deltek cobra overview and navigational system.
  • Learn to set programs with the codes, calendar, OBS and WBS.
  • Learn about the calculation and set up of resources and rates.
  • Into Deltek cobra managing warnings and errors load actual costs.
  • Learn to load integrated master schedule and use the level of effort.

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